How to Setup Canon PIXMA Fax

How to Setup Canon PIXMA Fax

How to Setup Canon PIXMA Fax
How to Setup Canon PIXMA Fax
Canon PIXMA Fax Setup- In running a business, to fax, the documents is the routine activity. It is easy to find the standalone fax machine. However, it will be more practical and efficient when the fax machine can be found in a printer. Canon PIXMA all in one produces many types of printer that has multifunction for printing, copying, scanning, and faxing. Consequently, it just causes the efficiency both on time and on the budget. Here, we intend to serve the step of how to use Canon PIXMA fax.

Turn on the machine

To fax the document trough all in one Canon PIXMA printer, you need to turn it on. Press the Power button to turn the machine.

Press FAX button

The second step of how to use CANON PIXMA fax is by pressing the FAX button. When the standby screen of fax is displayed, it indicates that you can move to the next step.

Load the document

Load the document that you would to fax on the platen glass or ADF. For faxing the double-sided documents, you only can load on the platen glass not for ADF. Then, you can adjust the resolution and the contrast of the document. The resolution setting, there are some options such as standard, fine, extra fine or photo. Then, to set the contrast, you can access the menu; choose the “TX FAX setting” followed by choosing “scan contrast”.

Dial the recipient’s fax number

To dial the recipient’s fax number, you can use the numeric button on the surface of the machine. You can press the color button if you want the color transmission. While if you just need to fax the black and white document, just press the Black button.

Document is transmitting

The last step of how to use Canon PIXMA fax is the machine is transmitting the document. When you the machine is supported by ADF, the machine can automatically send the fax. The, if you use the platen glass, you need to replace each document with confirmation. In addition, if you want to cancel the stansition, you can press the Stop button. 

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