How to use Canon PIXMA Cloud Link and Setup

How to use Canon PIXMA Cloud Link and Setup

How to use Canon PIXMA Cloud Link and Setup
Canon PIXMA Cloud Link
Canon PIXMA Cloud Link Setup- Recently, the activity of printing, copying, scanning or faxing becomes easier and more flexible as the printer has Wi-Fi support. It allows you to print directly from any of mobile device even without PC connection. It actually adds more efficiency without assisting the process in front of the printer. 

Moreover, the printer with the enhanced Canon PIXMA Cloud link also can makes your printing job more practical. By this feature, you can print directly the files form any social media, storage sites, and photo sharing application. Plus, you can also send the scanned data to the online storage from the printer. Here, we serve you the way of how to use the feature of Canon PIXMA Cloud Link.

Setup and Register 

The first thing you should do before you start using Canon PIXMA Cloud Link is you need to do the initial setup. Firstly, from the printer LCD screen, tap setup icon followed by choosing the web service connection setup. After you tap the screen, choose the “Google Print Setup” followed by “register with this service”. Then, you need to register in which you should visit the URL on the printout. Make an account by following the instructions then open you email to verify the account and complete the registration.

Print By Using Canon PIXMA Cloud Link 

Here we serve you the ways of printing the documents or even photos from the LCD screen. It is of course by using Canon PIXMA Cloud Link. First, you can select the integrated Cloud Service you have register (such us Facebook, Instagram, Flicker, etc.) from the LCD screen. Then, select the album that is available. Choose the photos that you want to print. After that, select the setting of print to manage the quality of photos, size of paper, and other things. Then tap “print” on the bellow of the screen. Last, the photos are on the printing process and you can get the printout. 

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